About WhoisMind.com

Welcome to WhoisMind.com! We provide a much-needed resource to the online community by offering easy access to public domain name records, ownership information and more. In addition to offering standard whois lookups, we also feature a handful of useful webmaster inquiry tools such as Ping, Traceroute and Header Checker. Regardless of your intent or purposes, looking up whois information has become quite common on the Web. Our goal at WhoisMind.com is to deliver the details you're seeking in a fast, efficient way that is easy to understand and simple to use, no matter what your experience level.

What is WHOIS?

As you may already know, WHOIS (pronounced who is) is a search query designed to deliver details about registered Internet resource users such as domain names, IP addresses, autonomous systems and other database-driven content. Performing a simple whois search on any given domain name will usually return the registrant's name, contact info, technical contacts, renewal date, expiration, server IP's and more. This can be useful for someone looking to learn more about the owner of a particular website for the purpose of sale, support or just plain curiosity.

How It Works

Using WhoisMind is very easy. In the "Lookup" search box located on our homepage, you can type a domain name, IP address, or e-mail alias and submit. The resulting page will show you the public records for your query in an organized manner. You'll notice some search results have more information than others. The data shown is the data provided to the current registrar- -no more, no less. If you happen to search a domain name that is currently unclaimed and available for purchase, our intelligent engine will guide you in making that purchase, if you wish.

You can rest assured the data we display in query results is always the most accurate, up-to- date information available to the public, provided directly by the domain's registrar. We take great pride in our simple service and strive everyday to make it even better and easier for our loyal visitors. In response to the overwhelming praise we've received for WhoisMind.com and the growing popularity of our services, our team has also developed a brilliant suite of browser, Android and Wordpress plugins. As we continue our mission to be the WHOIS destination for curious techies worldwide, we hope you'll remember to visit again often.