Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WhoisMind.com knows that your privacy is important to you and we can help you hide your personal information from our network.

General Questions

What is WhoisMind.com ?

WhoisMind.com is a web leading WHOIS service provider. We give public information about domains and all related data.

What is a WHOIS ?

As per Wikipedia's definition, a WHOIS (pronounced as the phrase who is) is a query and response protocol that is widely used for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system, but is also used for a wider range of other information. The protocol stores and delivers database content in a human-readable format.

Do you sell domains ?

No, we don't. WhoisMind.com is a WHOIS service and does not sell domain at this time.

You display inaccurate information. Can you update it ?

The information we display on WhoisMind.com is brought to you by the domain registrar. We cannot edit the information. If the information is not accurate, you have to edit it via your registrar. There is NO WAY we can edit it.

I have updated my information at my registrar but you still display the old information. Why?

Updates are not done instantly. Please allow 24 hours to reflect the changes. You can click on the refresh image (Refresh) on your domain's WHOIS page to refresh the information. The information cannot be refreshed more than once a day.

Privacy Protection

Why are you displaying my personal information ?

When you buy a domain name (e.g. example.com), it is mandatory that you give your personal information so that you can be contacted if something goes wrong with your domain. This information is PUBLIC and can be accessed by anyone, at any time and for any reason. You agreed to make your information public when you bought the domain. More infos from the ICANN »

As a domain service provider, WhoisMind.com displays the information provided by your registrar. This process is automated and we simply display the information we receive.

I did not give you the permission to diplay my information. Will you remove it ?

Under no circumstances we will remove data. When you bought your domain name, you agreed to make your information public. Our service gets that public information and displays it. Once that said, we offer a service where we manually hide information for a small yearly fee. See Can you hide my information from your sites' network ? below.

Is it legal to display my personal information ?

Yes it is. Moreover, WHOIS records were created to be public and provide accountability and openness about who owns a domain. It is the ICANN, the organization who is responsible of domain regulations, who established the rules. We strictly follow them. More info from the ICANN »

Can you hide my information from your sites' network ?

Yes we can! As many visitors asked us to hide their personal information, we developped a service where we can now manually hide it from our sites' network. We think this new service will be of great value for people who have a problem seeing their information displayed on our sites' network.

This service is offered to you for a small yearly administration fee that can be renewed automatically every year. You must understand that this service only apply to our sites' network and there is nothing we can do about the information you could find on other networks (including other websites and/or search engines).

How does it work to hide my data from the public on WhoisMind.com ?

Pretty simple: visit the page that contains your private information and find the "Protect my Privacy" box. Click on the link and follow the instuctions. This operation usually takes less than 5 minutes.

I just paid for a Privacy Protection from a third party. Why are you still displaying my information ?

Every piece of information we get (public information) is archived and is diplayed as historical data. This is the way our service works. If our service has gathered the information before you hid it, your only option to hide it on our website is to use our "Protect My Privacy" service. See the How does it work to hide my data from the public on WhoisMind.com ? section above.